1. growing pain - age means nothing, warriors push against soil, and grow..all life long..
  2. Social? Media - A few days ago I closed all my social media – Facebook and then Instagram and lastly Twitter. I found two things to be true for me: Social media had become an extension of my pride..my ego..a need to control the narrative surrounding who I am…thereby making me feel good, feel proud. I could succeed … Continue reading Social? Media
  3. Androgyny pt 8 – Seen - I was bent over and clasping her bracelet, when my body began to shake. Tremors…like little jolts of awareness. This is too much. Why didn’t I see this?
  4. Androgyny pt 5 – The key - The feminine spirit yields, by design. And just like a key to a lock, safety and security is a catalyst that transposes her heart from an implosion of harsh echoes to a gracefully tuned harmony. The masculine spirit at it’s highest potential has the ability to provide this dynamic. The God entity is an example … Continue reading Androgyny pt 5 – The key
  5. Androgyny pt 3 – Red lipstick - As she briskly applied the lipstick to my lips, the dam finally burst. It felt like spontaneous combustion. In my mind I see it play back and forth like those Boomerang videos: red lipstick – tears erupt, red-lipstick – tears erupt… I hadn’t planned on crying but I just felt sooooo odd. This was me being … Continue reading Androgyny pt 3 – Red lipstick
  6. Androgyny Pt 1 - I notice the things men typically notice…your saunter..the way you smile when you’re nervous..the roundness of your bosom… Since I was a teenager I’ve been struggling with my awareness of these subtleties. It has always made me extremely self-conscious, simultaneously wanting to tell you that you’re beautiful and I’m sorry, I’m so sorry for noticing that. Being an … Continue reading Androgyny Pt 1
  7. Self-discipline: a learned behavior - At the end of 2012, I determined to bring myself up to a level of excellence in life that I knew would require discipline. The encouragement came at the time from the Christian bible. In it, the author Paul had written, “Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only … Continue reading Self-discipline: a learned behavior
  8. Wave of the flame - ..the way love goes... - a spoken word poem about the dance of love. - janberry © 9Nov2016
  9. Safety Nets - Philando was born with his value and unfortunately, has died because this value was not seen. Honor him by honoring yourself, in the face of all that fears you.
  10. Perfectly Imperfect - We are false and true, perfectly imperfect. There are things we know, and there are things we don’t know.
  11. Year 11 begins.. - Year 11 begins – In my last post, I wrote “Ten years ago, I said yes to my friend and journey mate, Yeshua. I didn’t know then that I would be saying NO to myself. It makes sense though right, saying YES to one thing means simultaneously saying NO to something else.” This is no … Continue reading Year 11 begins..
  12. Ten years and still - I never mourned her and I don’t know why am mourning her now. Since 2016 started or rather is it since 2015 ended, I’ve had multiple epiphanies and maybe this is the result of one of them. I’m approaching 10 years of celibacy in a few weeks. Funny…the milestone didn’t open the door to these thoughts. … Continue reading Ten years and still