As of last night, I have begun a marathon of poems with the intent of tracing a thought pattern to it’s origin..with a poem everyday …and so, it begins, Day 1…

Stars fall aloud

There are so many stars in the sky
Why do we only see them when night draws the curtain on light?
Are they meant to take our breath away
As slumber possesses it instead
My sensitivities are laid bear in this quiet
The breaking of the waves feels like the breaking of consciousness
I wanted company
Instead, the waters obliged me
Truth is..I’m chasing me
but trapped behind the facade of night
The flambeau that I use to peer forward has run amok
And is burning my hand and clothes and skin..
Some are recessed and some hang low
Some things are hidden, some things I know…
It’s an uncomfortable repose..
Left to swindle my tongue
Sing a right and I’ll write a wrong
I’m a danger zone
I’ve avoided as much as I can of the civility of nearness
My human instinct reduced to moments of need that come and then are made to flee
This is a breaking
Like these waves
What do you see at the shore
Mostly just the swell and the foam
Do you see the currents as they groan
Exchanging destinies for silence
Beneath the surface giving no promise
Make sense of this for me God
Bring the tensions that fight against themselves beneath this sea beneath this sky
Give them air to breath that isn’t lullaby
Don’t make them sleep there God
Give them air
Bring them up in a swell
And land them on me
Beached by my affections
My tenderness overturned
I’m hardened
But will wait

…to be continued

15.Aug.2015 10.36pm © janberry