pearl of song

The demands of life – its trials, stresses, failures..

surmised as the frailty of a dainty teacup broken

by the simple task of washing wares.

Little feet that beckon for attention

could possibly quell this mounting desire.

Tension and strain some days


Tools in hand for a task not yet assigned.

Time, my friend,

will assuage the mocking chimes,

the sweetness of rarity,

the pearls of song

waiting to be uncovered

and strung.

Along the way, as preparation

lay its soiled robes

at my feet

for me to walk

and sing

and chant

or rant

And listen for the wave

that will rustle the sand

and bring me a man

who will ward off crab

and lift the slab

that hides me in its shadow.

Sea weeds that grew will shrink

beneath the feet of God’s

beholding charm,

to bring the man

to bear the pearl,

his wisdom gleaming

in rightful eye,

and with a resting sigh,

will open the pearl, and unearth the girl

whose shell once cloistered

God’s work, her worth,


upon the sea

where she will be


– janberry. 25 august 2014. 4:55pm.

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