I remember that day
His resurrection was mine
His spirit now come,
has covered mine,
I’m humanly divine…
and shrouds of light
broke into my eyesight.
windows open,
the sun hit
my face
a bird flew past
and looking past the stained glass
I saw the sky
blue and gazing back at me
the flowers peeked forward
the tall window glancing open for me
to see

Pinks, yellow and orange
Aligned to greet me.
Heaven has seated me..
What is this lightness?
I wouldn’t know until later
that it was the robe of righteousness,
His not mine,
my redeemer,
exchanging my carry-on
for Himself
and now, what is His
is mine.
Like a wedding song,
an aisle that beauty filled
and felt a mile long – but
only a few benches down
I sat, easy.

Someone has rescued me…
the words would
only come later
because then
I did not yet
I can now see,
and I am now free,
and in the arms of the Vine
is where I always want to be.

– janberry. © april 7 2015.