Perspective. It can shape your life and experiences. I have driven; I have run; I’ve ridden around the Queen’s Park Savannah. Each of those times, the experience was completely different…completely unique.

PerspectiveSteadying my breath and counting the rhythm of my steps. Oooh that gorgeous poui tree…no flowers yet..hmm..’jes only January’.

Listening to the quiet movement of the breeze. Mouth open, quickly gulping air, slow enough to steady my effort but fast enough to keep up with my legs pumping…pedalling to maintain speed; harder when gusts of wind blow against me and gearing down to maintain the same pace when I hit an incline. This road never seems as uneven and hilly as when am riding or running.

When I’m driving, I’m less aware of the wind blowing over me. There is no sun on my back. I’m at the helm of a powerful machine..I must be alert, not more alert than when riding, but manoeuvring this machine requires focus. Even then, having driven for so long, I’m more able to effortlessly sail along without as much thought on braking, indicating, turning and slowing down. It comes to me almost like second nature, I don’t think about it as much as I just do it.

If I were the passenger, I might restlessly be braking and accelerating with my right foot, unconsciously…and looking at every car, every light…enjoying the ride only if I know the driver is a good driver. I’ve driven myself for so long, being a passenger is usually uncomfortable and nerve-wracking.

So it is with life in Jesus the Christ…my perspective changes radically depending on where I sit (or stand, in the case of being about to start a run). But I have let someone else drive me, because I trust this driver. He is a good driver..I have experienced his insightful and wise driving skills but also believe in his ability and desire to get me safely to the destination that he has determined.

I can relax. I can enjoy the ride…put my hand out the window and let the breeze swoop over it. I can stare up at the poui trees, and be grateful that this driver has given me permanent rest. I no longer have to drive myself.