I struggle at times to believe the words that God says of me, in his word. It is a choice to believe, and one I often choose not to make. The lies seem more real.

I’ve been mulling over two songs that really remind me of the perspective that progressively invites me into overcoming myself, through the choice to believe what God says, wait for him to make me over, and deliver me from who I’m tauntingly reminded that I am.

It’s a very vulnerable position for me to know I’m not perfect (and in reality, that’s something that won’t be a reality until Jesus returns) and yet, still live each day, in complete trust that what he has begun, he is faithful to finish what he began in me (Phillipians 1:6). God has faithfully brought me so far, I continue to grow and blossom, but there are times when, in Christ, I feel exposed, naked…vulnerable, as he works in my heart. His invisible work encourages me forward, when I think of how he works in my life, but at these times, I have to relinquish myself to believe that he is at work on my brokenness, and it will bear fruit ‘for his splendor’.

and as he works, I wait…I ‘wait for him’.
..and I cling to him, he is patient and forbearing (after all, that is his nature! Romans 2:4).
..and he will make ‘beautiful’ out of me.

Image Credit: Gungor Music