Letting Go

At the end of my rope, the threads unravel revealing hope. I discover I’m really not rope at all, and that I’m not tethered so I can’t fall if I let go. I’m really a balloon so letting go will make me free, as I fly high with the spirit of God blown up in me. — Janberry

Letting Go and Letting God
Letting Go and Letting God

I can speak about death – the little trinkets that we dig shallow graves and bury that add up to a six foot hole. Holding on to the ways and trifles of a world that needs us more than we need it. I can speak about death because this Christmas, I experienced it. Death.

We know. You know. You know what you’re holding on to. For me, it was selfishness and control…fearing that if I let go of selfishness, I may not outlive the torn heart muscles that I’ve been protecting. Oh God, protect?! Can I protect my heart? Do I really have the omnipotence to protect myself from the unexpected, from the will of man, who I have no control over. I have never had that control, but it gave me solace to know that I could create an illusion of it. Shattering that glass means facing the exposed, vulnerable ache of living without the facade.

This writing is especially to and for persons who know without a shadow of a doubt that God has given you a new nature, and know the extent of what that means but are not experiencing limitlessness in Christ. Something is holding you back, and you know it. You know what, it’s you. Yes, you’re holding you back….literally. Holding on to those things that reinforce that trusted safety blanket underneath you, but really serve to harden your heart towards the everlasting comfort of letting go and letting God.

I always believe that examples make things clearer so let me give a brief story, and no, it’s just a story, not MY story, but each of our stories are similar to this one, when you ponder it deeply enough.

There was this princess, Joanna and she woke everyday and looked in the mirror…waiting for her rescuer, her prince, Joaquim. Fair lady, she cried out to her mirror, every day, I wish my handsomeness would come and whisk me away. Am I not fair and lovely? I wait for him and for him only. That fair lady died old and grey because she never moved the mirror away to reveal a door, with key…behind which her handsome lay asleep.

The story beckons you to come away from yourself and selflessly let go. You know what it is…You know exactly what it is. It gives you anxiety, rather than security. It insists on adding doubts about the goodness, mercy and power of God rather than allowing you to experience just that. Let it go. Let go. Greatness awaits.

Note: Phillipians in the bible is a good book to read all about the contentment, and joy with which Paul abandons himself to experience, even at his greatest trial, being imprisoned…because he selflessly let go of his own imperatives, and more greatly considered others before himself, and did it without grumbling or muttering, as he followed the example of Jesus Christ.


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