Pitch Black

I just spoke with big sis Phyllis from Guyana, who I met when I was over there in June. What a wonderful woman! She just listened. It was great just having someone listen to me ramble.

After telling her about my bewilderment and really not knowing what God is doing currently because directives have slowed to a halt, she read with me from Isaiah 50:10-11. She told me of her own meditations with that scripture saying that in difficult times, when the way is dark, it has directed her. The contrast is such that the scripture first talks to those who fear God in verse 10 and then is contrasted to those who trust in themselves in verse 11. In verse 10, the writer admonishes those who fear God, who obey His voice yet walk in darkness, having no light. [This darkness is not sin but the absence of the light of instruction]. The verse says, even in this darkness, trust God and rely on Him. The contrast then begins in verse 11, with those who having no light, go light their own. They shall lie down in sorrow. Simply put, do not try to alleviate your own situation. Wait for the Lord. Trust Him, rely on Him.

Light in the darkI pray that my soul goes still, so that stealth can
summon warriors of this night
to fight in my watchful silence,
with quivering darts
that cut the disturbances of shadows
that ruffle creepers,
and alert sleeping dangers
that there is none present to receive their alarm
though many swarm
trained to disarm.

Comets lights a line in the black
No torch, no flame, no light
can be more bright,
than the naturally occurring illuminance
Up and out and flares,
dancing sa they seer
into burnout
into a distance far off,
a distance far known
my candle unlit but unblown,
just dark
rocked, swaddled, sheathed
words that convey a trusting babe
a heart rescued, a trusting silence saved
for the…


janberry © 19-09-2012.


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