Hitting the Wall Pt 2

So, now that you’ve understood your kryptonite…it’s time to get your energy up to fight it…through Godly exercise..

Even if we split our time with God daily, in two, I believe we do need to ‘put on’ Christ each day…accept his daily grace, his daily bread…just like when Jesus taught the disciples to pray, he prayed.. “Give us this day our daily bread…and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil”…

There are many things that we need from Christ..revelation from his word…the Bible talks about worshipping him also…and communion with Him…and we can seek that, I think, at any juncture of the day but there is an outpouring that we need for the day ahead, whether we wake at 1am or 9pm (especially shift workers)…

After the honeymoon in Christ, our fervor for Him does down a bit..and so when our ‘response’ to his love cools, this may be where our discipline in Him kicks in…because there will come a time when we don’t ‘feel’ like talking to God but we must, and we must train ourselves in spiritual things, like a body-builder..and have you ever noticed that for instance with exercise, if you exercise, i.e.,after a while, your body starts to desire it…it’s the same with the spiritual body growing inside of us..we must nurture it’s appetite for the things of God…and there are some definites…

A good contrast is highlighted in 1 TImothy 4: 7, 8 where godliness is compared to physical training…if you know what it takes to upkeep your body/mind for physical exercise, then the same is needed for Godliness…to upkeep your spirit. So discipline is needed, but in the same way, an athlete trains out of love for their sport, spiritual discipline is done out of love for the God, the source or reason for doing it must not be religiosity or routine, else this is where the condemnation comes in…though, because the Devil is so wiley, he may bring condemnation even where your heart is pure towards God and spending time with Him. May it be done from the heart..which can be stirred up, mind you, just as David encouraged himself..we can encourage our hearts to remember what Christ has done for us and love him because he first loved us…

“It is better to sing and praise God from the heart than to offer formal sacrifices. (Psalm 69:30-32)” God only ever wants our heart, he never wanted goat and sheep just our love and trust in Him.
“For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come. (1 Timothy 4: 8)

It’s time for a Godly work-out…:-) 



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