You know recently I’ve hit a wall with one of my businesses…it seemed like a big tall wall…a wall I can’t get over, and for a couple of months I increasingly began believing that it’s just a matter of time until the wall fell over on top of me and it would be all over…a sense of foreboding. I needed back my passion. This is part one of me explaining my climb over the wall…first, is understanding what is the wall, and how to get over…


I started reading ‘Think and Grow Rich’ and I really dig the book but honestly I think it’s the source of ‘The Secret’, as in it’s where the people who wrote ‘The Secret’ got their secret!


God is using it to teach me…

It’s the obsession…focusing so much on what you want that you finally get it and NEVER receding…being so obsessed with it that it has no choice but to give in to you and you get what you dream of. I see this truth biblically, as it works out in scripture as being obsessed with God’s promises, because I mean, it’s GOD! How can he promise you something and not deliver? …and don’t ever recede because it’s GOD’s promises. It’s not about my power to bring it to pass, it’s about God’s power…and God doesn’t lie…but knowing it is not enough.

There is a scripture in Proverbs that says, “From the fruit of his lips a man is filled with good things as surely as the work of his hands rewards him.” – Proverbs 12:14 ..and I been listening to Proverbs in the pod lately, and when I first heard it, it stood out to me like ya know, that God way that things stick out when God’s saying something…and then I’ve been meditating on it…and suddenly, it occurred to me…say the promises – speak them!

Speak them!

Speak the promises into being! ….encourage yourself with the promise!

Work hard too! …but both have fruit…what you say AND what you do..

So, I have to get back to working hard the way I did before the wall appeared, but I also need to have faith in where I’m going and speak as though the wall isn’t even there.  The truth is I been making excuses for myself…that I can’t do this because I don’t have that…I can’t network..I can’t sell…I can’t do it alone…just too many ‘I can’ts’…I’m ‘canting’ myself out of plenty, but I’m putting a system back in place to support my success and not my failure…making provision for failure will definitely ‘bring it come‘.

Some part of the reason for my particular wall is depression and it’s something I fight with so I need to put a system in place to take away opportunities to sink into periods of depression…spiritual discipline (private time with God, prayer and reading the Bible), proper diet, rest and exercise, stress management, a prayer partner or someone to just thrash things out with when I need to talk…’cause the next thing is that not only mentally (like, ya ability to think clearly, etc) but spiritually…when ya tired and weak, the devil does come wit all kinda chupidness…

So, doh let him hurt up ya head! Make provisions for success ONLY! The wall is just an apparition.


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