peace of mind

peace of mind

Jesus came to me, sweet and tender
to my darkness..
cleansed with water
and blood sinews to patch tha sadness
and he said ‘goodness and kindness shall follow me…all the days of my life’

so light it up… let’s get it hot
and do some cookin’
here in hell’s kitchen…
the law is grounded,
my roots are founded,
come on, let’s hound it….
you know you want it…
the good shepherd loves his herd
Without God,
I died
…from 6 degrees of separation…
but closer now, I thirst
with ecstatic dehydration
to be filled with Him
and live Him in my mission…
powers that be
have no control over me
I used to be a mime,
now I speak
and my heart rhymes,
not in condemnation
but with the realization
is my only satisfaction…

so I rhyme

so I rhyme
I paid the Devil his tax…
preaching crazy facts
of false righteousness….
I | didn’t | know this…….

peace of mind

do you feel this…
do you feel this…

do you feel this…
’cause I feel it like a fire…
taking me from ground…to ground zero,
then higher and higher….
cause in order to get lifted,
I had to go under..
and surrender
to God’s will..
let him hammer me with his anvil..
pound me into shape..
give what I can manage
and take what he has to take…
’cause I live for Him,
yea, I can explain it…
ask for sight and hearing so that you can receive it…
I’m thirstier than a camel tied to a Sahara Desert palm….
for my Yeshua, when I talk to Him, he says, “Here I Am”…
and He loves me so dearly…
I don’t have to pay dues…and I don’t need a yearly subscription…
to praise GOD…
don’t need permission
to praise GOD…
In submission,
I say, “Yes!”… “I’ll stand with you the test”

Days had spun spiderwebs
and I was tangled up
and wanted to jump
but time wouldn’t stop! |
waiting for
my tears to drop…
but you emptied my cup …
and you filled it with You
and you showed me who’s Boss
and you showed me you’re a true,
living God who loves me even if you hate what I do
so I started back the pray-ing thing…
…God’s love is a patient thing…
cause if I were a God, I’d fast forward past everything…

so I rhyme

so I rhyme…

I resist idolatry
you are the only H.I.M.
Its real you keep telling me,
so now I need to swim…
against the tide
but you’re there
so there’s no need to hide..
see, I remember all the things that the Devil used to whisper..
and I thought they were my own thoughts so silly me used to answer…
with my actions….
but I only lived a fraction
of the truth…
but now,
with GOD,
the whole truth
is revealed
and everyday,
the promise is re-sealed

as peace of mind

peace of mind

janberry © 2007


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