Daughters of the faith pray…

In 2010, out of my own personal struggles, I wrote this prayer…doing some inventory this week, I found it and I hope it blesses you, single woman of God.

Father, you hear our silent cries and know us to the core..I’d like to thank you for making us special, wonderfully made queens, precious in your sight. Help us to see ourselves the way you do, and not to sell ourselves short, not even in our minds. Daddy, give us a blessed revelation of modesty and the standard that we should set as our benchmark, for anyone entering our airspace as a possible husband. Blind us to everything that does not meet your requirement God, not ours.

Father, put a barrier around us single women, that we would not be distracted, in no way shape or form, by folly. Father, the serious business of the kingdom, does not need the weight of sin, detachment, or faithlessness. Lord, give us your grace to navigate life with your view of marriage and men, not ours.

Bless us with wisdom and revelation, so that as we meet other young women, such as ourselves, we can nurture them into a right view of themselves. Let us reclaim modesty, Father, in the name of your son Jesus. Thank you God. Amen.


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