Be strong and of good courage!

This article could have started with my name…that’s how on point it was in finalising the direction that the spirit is leading me in to…

It ties it all together…his article plus a part of this testimony that I didn’t include when I wrote about what had been happening, except for this brief sentence.

“In the soft words of God, I know in this season, I believe God is saying he will enlarge my territory. This morning I felt like I’ve received confirmation of this through Joshua 1.”

Mr. Kenneth Kang up there (link in the second sentence of this blog entry..) has pointillised everything that God has been saying…about crossing over…crossing over into blessing that I have never before experienced…this connects deeply with my spirit. It is out of the confident hope that was seeded and has been growing in me over the year 2011 that the song ‘Walk the Line’ [you can click ‘Play’ below to listen to it..] came about… TRUSTING wholeheartedly in God to follow him into the places he has laid out for me…although it may sometimes seems like a thin line from here to there…




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