Abide in me and I in you…

Some major changes have been occurring with me; in my head, heart and life recently, not to mention I had exams and that sucked a good portion of time away. For the most part, to anyone who’s reading this, the last promise was to talk about ‘Abiding‘ which is a topic that I always take a while to digest in my every part of me, waiting for a revelation about it.

There is this little book I own, ‘The True Vine’ by Andrew Murray. The simple, trusting faith that it illustrates is one that I cannot but see myself taking a lifetime to accomplish. Even with Jesus guiding me, encouraging me, loving me, alighting on me and having entered my heart..even with all this, my heart still flares with wiliness, wilfulness, stubborness and pride…It beats about within me, stretching always toward the hope that is Jesus Christ himself. I yearn for a revelation of this ‘abiding’ that one day consumes my every thought and desire…bearing fruit of devotion.

In Chapter 8 of the book, it says,

“God is in all. God dwells in Christ. Christ lives in God. We are in Christ. Christ is in us: our life taken up into His; His life received into ours; in a divine reality that words cannot express, we are in Him and He in us. And the words, “Abide in me, and I in you,” tell us to believe in this divine mystery, and to count upon our God the husbandman, and Christ the Vine, tot make it divinely true. no thinking or teaching or praying can grasp it, it is a divine mystery of love. As little as we can effect the union, can we understand it. let us just look upon this infinite, divine, omnipotent Vine loving us, holding us, working in us. Let us in the faith of His working abide and rest in Him, ever turning heart and hope to Him a lone. And let us count upon Him to fulfil in us the mystery: “Ye in me, and I in you.” (John 14:20)

Abide in me and I in you..John 14:20

The chapter then ends with a prayer.

Blessed Lord, You bid me abide in you. How can I, Lord, unless you show Yourself to me, waiting to receive and welcome and keep me? I pray you will show me how you as Vine undertake to do all. To be occupied with you is to abide in you. here I am, Lord, a branch, cleansed and abiding – resting in You, and awaiting the inflow of your life and grace.






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