The Singlitude


Full Moon PoetryTwo nights ago, the moon was full….the atmosphere was full…of our God, so audibly heard, in his sweet reign, shining on us…one day we will shine too, yea…spotless.. blameless …united to the lover of our soul…so, I press, not because I have already won the prize but I PRESS on to take hold of THAT for which Christ Jesus took hold of me…

I am sooooooo imperfect, but the triunity is forever calling me..

Be enouraged…and press on..

The Singlitude
The unity of thought has lit a path directly from the lone star up ahead
next to the moon
to this chair beside this window in my bedroom
I sip its brightness slowly
and drink in this singlitude
To the top of the middle all the way around…
Swirling into one big idea…
One sound..
The supporting casts lights a bronze candle and exits the stage
A chorus dwindling…blowing away
leaving misty entrails
The star still stealing the limelight
the moon growing in glow
The wind lending its echo
to the bristling, whistling cry
My soul says Hi..
Goosebumps applaud the show..
Entering now, and greater than I’ll ever know,
Strung from a majestic scene,
The chimes ringing Him in…
leaves leaving their trees
to join the harmony of the breeze
and rustle my heart…
This singlitude
…will be continued…

janberry © copyright Nov. 2011

P.S. Yep…I made up my own word…’singlitude’….


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