Job Title: Person of God

The Job Description for a follower of Christ

I’m just now reading an article here about startups (entrepreneurial ideas formed into businesses – most times technology  based)…and it immediately struck a chord with me…

I think in a lot of ways, if ‘ministries’ saw themselves as businesses, it would helpt to adjust the way time and energies were stewarded…because spiritually, it may be the same.

There are tons of ‘needs’ all around us, and the entrepreneurial spirit is all about identifying needs and filling those gaps…The peculiar people of Christ are gap-fillers too…yep!.  Sometimes, however it’s quite easy to get so sidelined with the emotional aspect of starting a ministry that we lose sight of the discipline, grit, perseverance and persistence that it takes to get anything running. The obstacles won’t stop necessarily – you will, however, gain resilience, strength and wisdom to overcome them as time progresses.

Our environment DOES help (or not)…you’ll find that successful entrepreneurs either hang out by their lonesome..or with other driven, highly energetic, and self-motivated persons. Here is one way to look at it based on an article from the website of Paul Graham:

“Having people around you care about what you’re doing is an extraordinarily powerful force. Even the most willful people are susceptible to it. About a year after we started Y Combinator I said something to a partner at a well known VC firm that gave him the (mistaken) impression I was considering starting another startup. He responded so eagerly that for about half a second I found myself considering doing it.”

We can find ourselves losing drive, and diving into laxity because we don’t appreciate that the things of God: ‘ministry’ as it’s often called needs to be worked on, like a job.


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