Interviewee: self.

Sometimes, it’s okay to interview yourself right…? Right?

(blank stares)

Uhm, okay…well, nevermind..maybe, I’m the only person who does that..

In what way has your new relationship with Christ given you new opportunities and resources to face the things you used to run away from?

Well, I think that for starters…I am always reminding myself of the strength that God says I have access to…God tells me that I have a “spirit of power, love and a sound mind”..what it does is help me to dig my heels in when a situation has me staggering…anytime I feel like possibly I could be toppled by the strength of my emotions I am reminded and I do not run away but rather I pray – that’s another one…I have learnt that I should just submit everything to you in prayer….everything…

I realise that I am half done but I no longer run away when I feel like I have sinned…I persevere in Christ…He is able….He is more than able…

God has taught me to persevere..even with my family because sometimes I truly just do not want to be around them but I must tarry and love them through all their struggles and mine as well…and be patient…

God has provided me with safe pockets so anything that upsets or worries me, I can run there or to them (am talking about people) instead of trying to figure out things on my own…which used to be frustrating and debilitating…I thank God for his much needed intervention into my life…he has protected me…He says ‘in the multitude of counsel, there is wisdom..’…

God has given me identity…I now have an identity to center myself around..everything that was before scary territory, I now feel confident enough to dip my foot in because more and more I believe what the Bible says about me …I don’t have to trust in my own perception of myself…which is flawed most times anyway…

God provides so much encouragement and assurance…oftentimes his Holy Spirit is like a soothing mother..comforting and dear…his word is like a squad of cheerleaders…he gives me every single thing I need to go on..

My love for him instantiated by his love for me causes me to carry my cross patiently with hope…

The ability to trust him totally spurs me on…he is not a man that he can lie…he supports his promises with ample evidence…



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