Godless Godliness

A disclaimer before going forward: Genesis 6: 5…so beware of the holy critic that crushes God’s warnings into justified generalizations that gloss over your life without the depth needed to pierce straight to the marrow of the matter…

Often seen as an exercise in futility, honesty in Christianity can easily send me hurling back to the pride from which I just crawled. I say I say…what the hell! Shall I release the cynicism now or later?

I was remembering an old country song recently, “I Hope You Dance” by Lee Ann Womack …warning her young child about the dance that life is.. For my soul, I hope it dances…as for my flesh, the substance and bearer of my evil nature, I wish it a fiery torturous death someday…my poor spirit trapped in between, uncovering an unending array of masks.

I wish you luck with the following article and please feel free to comment.



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