Before I eat, I…..

I’ve been meaning to send out an inspired note about food, for this season and beyond…Depending on how we treat with it, the act of eating can be a sinful affair..and as Christians, who have devoted our entire bodies to Christ, as living sacrifices, this is mention-worthy as well. So, I’ll be brief and simple..some tips [that I shall also strive to heed]. The video attached might help with comedic relief and strengthening the points being made.

* Maintain your health, not your weight..your weight is a side-effect of good health. (Remember: skinny does not mean healthy). There are tons of books out there that guide us into an understanding of food and what it does and where it goes in our bodies, so we could make wise decisions about what to eat and when…
* Do not eat when you are hungry [or ‘starving’]…and please don’t neglect meals..unless fasting. Strive, rather to eat on time, and always eat a good, nourishing and big breakfast.
* There are books and pamphlets on wise, biblical and healthy fasting.
* Strive to understand your own body..all our bodies are different. Listen to your body, it does have ways of sending messages.
* There is healthy fat, learn which ones to keep and which ones to avoid.
* There is a healthy range for your weight, called your BMI (Body Mass Index) which brings us back to the first tip of managing your health and not weight.
* God also speaks to us about our food, and our is not a topic from which he strays..we might do well to listen and obey…for the Devil can use this as an area for condemnation. Indulgence with food can open a door for the Devil in other areas of our lives.
* Overeating is eating past being full. Manage your portions/serving sizes.
* Chew your food till it is mushy..not only does it digest easier, but it also gets you full faster, so as to avoid overeating.
* Don’t be afraid to leave a little back for later (maybe two hours later)….you can always reheat.

So enjoy the season, and the foods that come with it, but monitor your eating…Moderation is a Biblical principle.

1 Corinthians 6:12 All things are lawful for me, but not all things are profitable. All things are lawful for me, but I will not be mastered by anything.

Before I Eat by Anita Renfroe


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