Dreams – what are they without cognition of time, instrument, and environment. Without a sense of when the dream is occurring, in terms of its frame of reference time-wise, and some object (s) around which the dream takes place along with the stage set for that dream, dreaming would be very bland and meaningless.

And it is like this, that I believe life is an expression of the elements that both individually and wholly compile what some of us know and understand as God…

You remember that song, ‘row row row your boat..gently down the stream..merrily merrily merrily merrily life is but a dream”.  Life is but a dream. Life is but a dream, a time frame in which we have been placed, with a beautiful setting, which we often neglect to take notice of. We are surrounded by beautiful people, who are sometimes broken, but there is satisfaction (a desire, with which we have been born, to fit each others pieces back together again).

It takes time to dream, it tends to occur best when we’re at rest, sleeping…let us quiet ourselves and dream a bit..We have plenty of surreal inspiration to do so, even whilst awake: a sunset swaddled in purple; a sky interrupted by throbbing white specks; this invisible and super intelligent air filled bubble called atmosphere; the intermittent flutter of the next butterfly you see; distant hills breaking the sky’s fluffy blue just to declare that it is green; a sun we cannot stare at but can feel (hmm, too intensely at times); the song in our head, accapella as it were; vanilla flavored coffee; the red tips of hibiscus’…their inside still orange-yellow ..so much, so much..so much dances across our stage each moment..upon what will we dream?


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