What if heaven came to earth?

What if you woke up tomorrow morning to find that heaven had come earth? What would your world be like?

(Some answers given thus far by college students of Ray Hollenbach – the author of this post, the whole of which can be read here)

  • “If Heaven came to Earth sickness would turn into strength.”
  • “God would be everywhere. God would give advice, spend the day with you, make sure everyone was fed, and most importantly share his wisdom with us all.”
  • “Heaven’s nature would begin to alter the workings of the earth and wipe out the impure creations of man.”
  • “No one would be lonely or without a companion.”
  • “Life with my daughter would change for the better. I would not feel that sense of silent discrimination from those who live in glass houses . . .  we would not be the topic of whispers about a situation people truly know nothing of. We would not suffer judgments from those people with ample imperfections of their own.”
  • “This little town, what some would call a boring place, would flourish with excitement and love and unified happiness that we were living amongst the living God.”
  • “No one would have to suffer because in God’s home you can find everything you need.”
  • “Famine would be completely erased. Sadness would be no more. Not one tear would be shed”
  • “If heaven came to earth it would be a continuing cycle of great accomplishment.”
  • “The people on earth would be 100% stress free. No one would ever need to worry about anything at all . . . They would laugh and carry on as if they had no sense of time or worry . . . the normal stress I feel in my chest and head would be gone.”
  • “How could you be sad with so much love and compassion around you?”
  • “Heaven is where you can go to be yourself and to be with Jesus.”

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