A word of Pray-err..

God knows all and sees all…is all and can do all so why do we need to pray?

Here are some reasons

  • To grow in love for others – when we pray for people, we grow in love towards them.
  • To assert our dominion over this Earth as ambassadors of God through Jesus Christ.
  • To grow in strength and discipline.
  • To engage with God in loving relationship with Him.
  • As new creations in Christ, we operate in a new way, understanding that we fight against principalities and powers. (it’s a spiritual existence)
  • Because the love of Christ compels us to.

– God has reconciled us to himself and has therefore, now also given us a ministry of reconciliation that we might partner with him as his representatives given a message for those to whom he will send us. We do so, by a power not of persuasion, force, seduction or any other wile of will or mind but by the power of the Holy Spirit found in prayer, and through Jesus Christ.

This writing was inspired by 2 Corinthians 5: 11 – 21.


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