A different look at faith

…I pray you are encouraged to seek him for yourself and let him give you wisdom from his unending supply..

Well, anyway, so I’m reading Luke here and I bounce up one parable and a story about faith…and it occurred to me that faith isn’t about the SIZE of our faith, it may just be about our perspective on faith..and our understanding of what it actually is.

So dig this, and please read it yourself (ask God to reveal himself to you)..It’s Luke 17: 5 – 19. There is a parable and then a story there, and in the first of them, Jesus is answering his disciples who ask, “Show us how to increase our faith?”

First, he tells them that, “if you had faith even as small as a mustard seed, you could say to this mulberry tree, “May you be uprooted and thrown into the sea, and it would obey you!”

So immediately after that he compares for them the role of master as opposed to role of servant. If a master asks his servant to do something, has he any choice but to do just that? This is how things are done in the spirit realm…Jesus is the master, in whom we trust, and because we have his spirit in us, we can demand spirits to move. Our faith is our response to instruction, as servants being told what to do and listening up.

We are servants of Christ. As for those lepers, described in verse 11 – 19, only one of them came back to thank Jesus and it is this one that he described as having faith.

In conclusion, one aspect of faith is knowing that, because of the Holy Spirit in you, you have only to follow instructions for great things to happen…but this is what is expected a servant to do as he/she is told, so can faith still be seen as the ‘power of belief’ or merely following instructions? You have the power to move mulberry trees, yet you are still a servant to the power that instantiates this dominion, so have a grateful and humble attitude.



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