How do YOU know God loves you?

God asks questions? Wow, why would he ask question..he’s ruler of the universe, holding galaxies unknown in between his fore and middle finger….

And yet, the question lingers on my mind as Mother’s Day approaches because God has been my Mummy lately..(God is soooo out of character there, or is he…I think not! much for titles eh?)

He asks: How do you know I love you?

My answers (so far, cause wow! it’s just such a feeling I can’t describe it..or can I?..and this leads to more of my own questions.  .  .  )

– He is always there
– He celebrates me
– He sings over me and rejoices with me, but also is sad when I am sad (He sympathises?)
– He teaches me and makes me wiser, by showing me stuff
– He encourages me to be better, and loves me into it (almost like the way an usher shows you to your seat, but then also gives you crotches if you have a limp..hehe)
– He comforts me (wiping my tears, giving me a reason for joy)

(those are my answers SO FAR but there are more reasons I know it)..

How do YOU know God loves you?


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