In John 15, multiple times, it’s said, “Abide” “..abide” “..abide…in me”

It’s so sweet to abide…to forfeit all knowledge but that of the Savior’s presence…
to bask in his retention of the intimate details of you, but also of each person on this Earth…
To know that he is indeed the root from which, comes all our fruit…

Abide in him…and his glory shall glint off our lives that men might be drawn to Him..

We seek your glory dear Lord…


‘Tis only a little Branch
A thing so fragile and weak,
But that little Branch hath a message true
To give, could it only speak.

“I’m only a little Branch,
I live by a life not mine,
For the sap that flows through my tendrils small
Is the life-blood of the Vine.

“No power indeed have I
The fruit of myself to bear,
But since I’m part of the living Vine,
Its fruitfulness I share.

“Does thou ask how I abide?
How this life I can maintain?-
I am bound to the Vine by life’s strong band,
And I only need remain.

“Where first my life was given,
In the spot where I am set
Upborne and upheld as the days go by,
By the stem which bears me yet.

“I fear not the days to come,
I dwell upon the past,
As moment by moment I draw a life,
Which for evermore shall last.

“I bask in the sun’s bright beams,
Which with sweetness fills my fruit,
Yet I own not the clusters hanging thee,
For they all come from the root.”

A life which is not my on,
But another’s life in me:
This, this is the message the Branch would speak,
A message to thee and me.

Oh, struggle not to “abide”
Nor labor to “Bring forth fruit,”
But let Jesus unite thee to Himself,
As the Vine’s Branch to the root.

So simple, so deep, so strong
That union with Him shall be:
His life shall forever replace thine own,
And his love shall flow through thee.

For His Spirit’s fruit is love,
And love shall thy life become,
And for evermore on His heart of love
Thy spirit shall have her home.



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