Desiring God deeply and fully…

Resisting the temptation to do something that will feed a desire within us is great. Praise the Lord, but Jesus says in Matthew 5, “But I warn you – unless your righteousness is better than the righteousness of the teachers of religious law and the Pharisees, you will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven!”

This is the way the Pharisees looked at the law. They made a fence around the laws of God – something that was always further out, surrounding and protecting the law itself. They made the issue of distance a virtue.

However, this distance, even the further distance put by the Pharisees doesn’t stop our heart from lusting, from burning in anger and unforgiveness…and so on and so on. It doesn’t stop our heart from going its natural route…Just after describing this, Jesus goes on to say, that even ‘if you are angry at somebody, it is as if you’d murdered them and if you lust, you’ve committed adultery. Jesus is contrasting this teaching with the way the Pharisees contained the law…

What is he saying?

Jesus’ point is that we should no longer even desire to do the wrong thing. he wants us to have hearts that love and long to do the right thing. So for us to build a fence around the bad things and call it a virtue isn’t enough.The murderer and the lustful man are the same, in that neither desires God deeply or fully enough.

Our sin problem really stems from one thing: In the moment we fall to temptation, we love that thing, we desire it, we delight in it. In desiring it, we are replacing our desire for God.

– summarized from book: ‘Feel – the power of listening to your heart’ by Matthew Elliot

Feel free to add comments, I would love to talk about this more with those interested….I found in my own heart that this was true…I desire to desire God deeply and fully…thank God that God is faithful and will do this eventually…for now, hmmmm…..How about you?


3 thoughts on “Desiring God deeply and fully…

  1. Jan,

    I find these truths to be very relevant and pointed to these times of so much indifference to the heart and will of God. The depth of God’s desires and love for us in fellowship and communion is for the most part glossed over by a veneer of mere outward religion. One can hear the pain in the Father’s heart through his prophets and servants..crying out for authentic relationships springing from a new creation in Christ Jesus.Through Isaiah God speaks of the people who draw near with their lips but their hearts are far from Him. Through neglect of intimacies of the hearts where deep calls unto deep the way of the fleshly and carnal believer brings grief to the Spirit of Love.

    Yes, it is a love affair..and He who loves much is much forgiven..and much desirous of pleasing the One who forgives.. to the extent of dying to all self-will, desires and ambition for the Son of God who loved us and gave Himself for us. And in such a state of self denials not only is the fence brought down it is destroy as many waters cannot quench love. Nothing and no one in this world or in the world to come can get between such a love to bring about any separation or willful disobedience.

    True love always find a way..a way to be reconciled to the beloved. Allowances/provisions have being made for “falls” – for restorations…remember Peter? Do you love Me? After a failure is love still there? So if we sin we have an advocate with the Father Jesus Christ the Righteous and if we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive, to cleanse, to restore and much more…….with His Love still burning with yearnings towards us and for us.

    The greatest desire (passion) therefore is the greatest and first commandment i.e. Love for God with all our heart, soul, mind, strength!



  2. Praise God AM,

    I read this over and over till I fully comprehended and internalised what you were saying…and my favorite parts…

    “And in such a state of self denials not only is the fence brought down it is destroy as many waters cannot quench love.”

    “The greatest desire (passion) therefore is the greatest and first commandment i.e. Love for God with all our heart, soul, mind, strength!”

    – I’m so grateful that God is who he is….I’m blessed to be in his arms, since this is all true…


  3. Hi J,
    Sometimes there is the chance of being greatly decepted without knowing it, as I have experienced. My heart was in the right place yet still I did something that was wrong, I was greatly decieved, I really thought, at the time that God was answering my prayer. It was not a selfish prayer because I was not asking for me, I was asking on behalf of others. The short of it is the enemy came good and I fell right into it. Now I’m always looking over my shoulder, I can’t afford to let my guard down. I want to be alert at all times. That was a painful experience for me, I couldn’t believe that I didn’t see it for what it is.



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