I want a love…

It’s a nice cool night…the day was pretty hot… This reminds me of the contrast in mood that swishes between temperatures, wanting so much not to remain at either extreme of wanting a love…

I want a love

Love should hit us hard
like a ton of bricks… getting knocked off a wall…
it’s too heavy to stay perched aloof…
it’s gotta fall…

let it fall…

– janberry

I want a… love

I want a heavy love…
a deep one,
that has its own symphony
yet still faintly heard above the noise
cause the sound waves crash into only me

I want a Cascade love
too haughty to travel kind of love
so it just sits there next to me
waiting on my every need
cause I deserve it finally

I want an anointed love
so that when we lose faith in each other
’cause it happens sometimes
we can look up and see the rays that shine
..on our love

I want blessed love
so that when we think about each other
and our promise of forever
we thank God for today whether it brings us joy or sorrow
’cause we’re blessed to know
God is in control of tomorrow

I want a musical love
so that when I hear you laugh or snicker
or glare at me with your eyes and they shimmer
sound ripples inside
and a lullaby plays and soothes my inner child…

I want a macajuel love
so after sweating over a pot of ital
we cosy up to our habitual ritual
of sleepy conversation
on a Sunday afternoon
till we wake on the eve of the moon

I want a coconut love
hard fruit that yields soft jelly
my mellow refreshing man..
that holds me in his hard yet soft hands…

I want a knowing love
so that even though he’s humble,
he knows he’s a king
he won’t grumble too much about his failures
but rather ride life like the adventure that it is…

I want a groovy soca love
no brass, no horns, no fast wining
just smooth… and inviting
me to the dance floor..

all this i yearn for…

but not too much ’cause
i want a… love
that is for me
so whatever will be will be…

copyright © 2008 janberry



2 thoughts on “I want a love…

  1. That’s some deep love, ocean rocking love, seashore calming love, easy to settle in book readin reading love. Sweet love, a little bit out sour love, some hot love too, just beacause… kinda wish I could order it on ebay-love, Almost wish too I’d not thrown away such love, doe eye casting love that just….. It’s nice that you can sum it up, because I wasn’t likely too


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