moon my ego


moon my ego

under your moon, my ego rears its ugly head to swallow half of me and leave the other half to soak in the paling shimmer..this is where i slept…not for sacrifrice….not for need…but for beauty that I lack…that I may be visited upon by a glow that never makes itself to show smeared sincerity…talking…talking…walking..walking…be voice says..the other says sit down…moon, you are not bothered in your stillness..can I be like you? I want to talk and walk myself out of myself so I can stop this incessant insider joke that’s laughing at my expense…moon, you protect and don’t need to be protected…you’re told the whole story…no-one shades your light or sucks the water from your craters. I want your boldness, your strength, your uncovered beauty. I don’t want protection. I want the whole truth, nothing but the truth, so that I don’t have to cover the lies with ego where my holes were drank from. In your effervescence, I do not see my reflection. No, you just shine on me. Moon, can I be like you?

janberry © 2009


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