The Announcement

Forward: ..this poem fissured from an earthquake inside me and tumbled out into Little Carib Theatre…rumbling along the lines that followed that crack all the way out to the moved me to fist clenching, pore raising, deafening…it moved my inner…and out of the rumbling…something came loose…

In plain English what I’m saying is that a shift happened when I wrote this particular poem. This poem was written long before my attachment to ‘dot dot dot’…I was less thinking, more reactive. I remember this poem on the advent of The Ink Quest because my question for the night is reflective in the same way this one is. I’m asking a question that when it first entered my mind seemed projected outward but is actually more of my usual navel-gazing. Tsk.

The Announcement

This is the announcement

I shedding entrapment; donning empowerment
Disrobing all my pretentious garments
all my pretaped dreams
I’m tearing them at the seams
All the lies you told me
and this borrowed life you sold me
telling me to separate saints from sinners
losers from winners, martyrs from criminals
but this knowledge coming..
off the Richter
So take cover…it ain’t no quiver
it’s a quake
feel the rattle… my weapon of prophesy in this battle
eyes wide,  jaws wet and we taking over step by step
’cause de brainwashing no longer working
people start listening
to their own egos
I mean, would u trust a ho
like a Brothel taking yuh money to give yuh a blow
’cause yuh studying instant gratification
so they tricking yuh with ten-second ejaculations

In yuh head constantly

dragging on with the monotony
…the small fry foolery
telling beautiful women they unpretty
telling them I feel so sorry for you
’cause you have to work just as hard as me
advertising to young parents ’bout the new
babysitter for hire… the TV!!!
..telling gay men to keep their AIDS on the fringe of society
while mis-informed Tom, Dick and Harry
just keep on
They just want to make yuh bend
to fit into their tapestry
so they could colonise your thoughts
with their undetectable, interwoven policies
Some even trade in their families
to stand up in the hot sun outside the American Embassy
Lines up to Picton Street
drones of mindless muted feet

They in your head!

Yuh know that tingle yuh get when someone
touches the back of your neck
and yuh shudder a l’il bit and it slows your breath
Well..just like that.. you’re attacked
with subtle strokes, gentle nudges. pokes
telling young girls that they’re women
after pumping them up with commercialism and estrogen..
and not telling young boys about the power of their semen

They in your head!

…tthe same way an alarm rings
the same way the metal bars shingle
where they lock up our minds
and keep us searching for the keys among the trash of material things
…singing shackled tunes
discontent, fear
sighing, tears that nobody could hear..
nobody but u…

u… u

ur thoughts enclave u
ur fake smiles delude u
ur complacency weakens u
ur jealousy eats u
ur ignorance breeds u
ur hate multiplies u
ur tricks expose u

so bare u..
so love u..
so live u..

and get u out yah head…

J.Mckell © 2004.


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