Star Trek Voyager

Through the adventurous trials of being far from home, the starship ‘Star Trek Voyager’ (a few generations after the original ‘Star Trek Enterprise’) navigates its way through many topics. It’s incredible to note the similarities I find in the wayfaring of life itself through the show’s analogies, it’s dialogue, plot and cinematography.

Topics explored: communism, religion, love, courage, humor, morale, development, transition (from phase to phase of life), community…

I’ll mull over ‘community’ as if nothing else, the circumstances on ‘Star Trek Voyager’ really brings out of the crew members the need to see themselves as part of a community that must work together towards a common goal. As time creeps on, the crew led by their captain, Katherine Janeway (yes, feminism as well as chauvinism is tackled), realise the need to be transformed by the people around them because of their united vision of getting home.

I’m not only entertained. I object, I journey and I grow as I am challenged for 45 minutes by the topics covered on ‘Star Trek Voyager’.


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